Solutions for Your Industry

Trade Consultancy​

Planning & Strategy​
  • We create a robust international business entry plan for our clients.​
  • We offer cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your business goals

Initial Market Analysis (IMA)

We offer a preliminary search and assessment of the Kenyan market potential for your business or service and relay a preliminary report. An IMA includes:​​
  • Market outlook potential report​
  • Receive updates on new regulations, business trends and government agenda.

The Brick Package

  • Pre-screened one-on-one appointments with potential business partners.
  • Getting into a new market can seem like being thrown into a jungle without a compass. Figuring out whom to meet? Who to speak with? what regulations must be followed, what visa or permits do I need? Let us take care of that headache for you.

Trade Problems

  • Get assistance with customs-related issues.
  • Obtain advocacy support if your company’s bids are adversely affected by new laws or market access issues.
  • Learn how to limit the risk of brokers and unnecessary payment fees.

Business Promotion

  • Leverage venues to reach potential partners and buyers.
  • List your company in official directories and trade journals.
  • Participate in potential business promotional events and.
  • Assist in creating marketing events for your business.

Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?