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The Brickhouse Counsel is аn African, Data driven, Strategic Communication Consultancy Firm based in Nairobi, Kenya.


Our Service

We help you cut through the noise, find your audience and deliver your story at it’s best.


Regenerative Design

We are dedicated to authentic stories and use fresh mechanisms to create the largest possible value for your audience.


Data, Data, Data!

Our integrative approach of using both online & offline data, allows us to optimize strategic, data-led thinking, mixed with creative energy to target the right people, in the right place, at the time..

About Us

Our aim is to streamline our offerings through design thinking and data integration processes. Our strategy helps shape complex decisions in political and corporate environments, with а vibrant team of professionals and an extensive footprint across Africa.

Mission & Vision

At The Brick, we don’t look at you as a solitary unit in a floating atmosphere, but rather we examine and evaluate you, your product/service or your organization holistically and work together to determine how best your offering works in changing societies and communities.

Finding Your Voice

There are many standards for digital campaigning these days that need to be kept in-line with the conversations young people are having in our society. E.g. It’s of no use to post in a ‘formal’ way if your audience are typically in the 19-30 age range and talk mostly in emojis 😉

Creative Content

The main difference between digital media and traditional media is that the latter is based on ‘reporting’ content, while the former is based on ‘creating’ content.

In a digital atmosphere, you need to understand that you are competing with the world in the race to grab attention of your audience. 

You need to be quick, captivating & lead to an action.

Content Marketing

It is vital to ensure that there is a good amount of content that sparks conversation in different formats and across different mediums.

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